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Your Teen Brain on Stage…

KA3_1302Teens are people too. Their brains, on the other hand, well to say they’re like the rest of ours, that might be a stretch…

Scientists (and parents) worldwide have been trying to work it out: how can you get your precious children to adulthood without having to traverse the rugged terrain of teen-dom.  But there’s just no way around it.  It has been proven, time and time again that there is one rickety path from twelve to twenty.  So, the more we know, the more we can brace ourselves for the inevitable.KA3_0851

Thank goodness for TEEN BRAIN: THE MUSICAL. Finally, years of scientific research on adolescent brain development has culminated in the universal language of the stage musical. If you or someone you love is a teenager, this show was made just for you.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Well, it takes a galaxy to raise a teen.  DCT is fortunate to be surrounded by community experts who advise us on these tough teen subjects.  In addition to having been a teen themselves, they deal with this population virtually every day.  We are also fortunate to have sponsors who not only have knowledge of the subject, but also care enough to support DCT’s efforts to use theater to trigger these important conversations..

“Being a teenager isn’t easy,” says John McFarland from Children’s Health. “The decisions made as a teen can affect the rest of a person’s life. Besides dealing with the physical and emotional challenges of adolescence, teens often face unprecedented social pressures from friends, family, media and society as a whole.”

KA3_0845Did he say the decisions we make as teenagers can affect the rest of a person’s life?  No kidding! I just have two words to say to that: Garfield Tattoo.

Mr. McFarland continues, “A program like DCT’s TEEN BRAIN is a great way to explore the issues that teens and their families face every day. TEEN BRAIN is also a unique way to jumpstart the conversation within the household.”

Talk about issues?  Have conversations? What a good idea.  Where was this show when I was a teenager?  I had to rely on the Bangles to help me navigate my teens.

In addition to Children’s Health, the Hersh Foundation is  one of DCT’s longtime  sponsors of our teen “issue” plays. Julie Hersh, Foundation President and Author of Struck by Living/Decidi Vivir commented, “TEEN BRAIN offers a comfortable setting for teens to watch and discuss the high-charged teen brain, often stoked by hormones, stress and the impact of social media. Seeing Hersh Foundation logorelevant teen issues on stage creates a unique opportunity to proactively protect minds. Most of the time, teens learn about these issues when a problem explodes, under the harsh spotlight of scrutiny for something that went wrong. TEEN BRAIN allows teachers, parents and students to discuss potential problems and strategies before a problem even surfaces. Funny, clever and moving, this show can help us all maintain our mental health.”

So, obviously taking care of teens and their brains is a big deal and a big job, and we can all use some help.  Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, a neighbor, or friend of a teen, this will be an invaluable experience for you.  If you are a teenager, hang in there, friend.  You’ll make it. We hope to see you at the show.

Final weekend of performances coming up! Show must close March 1. Get your tickets HERE.


Written by Sherry Ward, DCT pr manager, and an all-too concerned mother about the approaching teen years of her own sons.


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