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Why we all go Who-Who over Seuss!

Dr. Seuss is a household name. So much so that when I just misspelled “Suess,” my computer knew to correct me. Dr. Seuss. So much so that in the middle of summer, my seven-year-old still insists on reading How The Grinch Stole Christmas!, explaining that the Grinch thought Christmas was all about presents. Dr. Seuss’s bouncing words are encrypted with life lessons that have resonated with generations of children. But don’t take my word for it. I’ve visited with a few Seuss experts, and I’d like to share what they had to say.

My former boss, Pet1er Brosius, is Artistic Director of Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) in Minneapolis.  Long the only theatre in the U.S.A. with permission to develop original productions based on his works, CTC has a special relationship with Dr. Seuss. Peter explains, “CTC has been attracted to the work of Dr. Seuss since the beginning. He revolutionized children’s literature and challenged young people to thrill at the power of their own imaginations. It has been a pleasure to celebrate the insights, the humanity, and the incredible wit of Dr. Seuss by sharing his work with thousands of theatergoers over our 50 years.”

Second graders from DISD a2re going to be coming to see SEUSSICAL™ this season, along with many other students. It felt only natural to talk to a teacher about Dr. Seuss, and the impact his work has on students.

Aaron Richards, Music Director at Kleberg Elementary in DISD was all too happy to share his thoughts. Mr. Richards shared, “Dr. Seuss teaches lifelong lessons such as: how to take care of the environment, being yourself, it’s okay to be different, we all have different, yet amazing paths in life.”

Those are intense lessons, you know?

Mr. Richards is excited about bringing his students to see SEUSSICAL™ at Dallas Children’s Theater. He continues, “The stories and characters are silly, strange and interesting!  They even entertain adults! MY music students will get to practice their audience etiquette and enjoy a different type of show than they are used to!  I hope they enjoy the music, costumes and story.”

Finally, of course, we had to talk to a parent. My friend Kim Lyle is bringing her daughter to see SEUSSICAL™, so I thought of her first when I needed to talk to a parent expert.

Kim says,3 “Anna loves the rhythm of Dr. Seuss. The silly words and the active drawings. I remember reading Green Eggs and Ham a lot when I was a kid. I feel like I can recite that one without reading the words. I really love doing voices for all the different characters in One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. It’s like an acting exercise, and she enjoys hearing me be silly. She just got into Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, and it starts conversations about being alone and possibly lost and finding your own way. We talk about being independent and brave.”

I asked Kim if she was excited about bringing Anna to SEUSSICAL™ and she quickly responded, “ABSOLUTELY! She can’t wait for her next show. I love to see her face, her eyes when she sees the lights and the costumes. She’s transported. If it’s anything like previous shows, we’ll likely have to buy the soundtrack! I want it to spark conversation and new ideas in her little head, and I know it will.”

Well, there you have it, in case there was any doubt, Dr. Seuss is a rock star. Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, incidentally, is the yearly theme at my seven-year-old’s elementary school. The whole building is filled with Dr. Seuss, and it’s never felt like a happier place. SEUSSICAL™ is going to make DCT a happier place, if that’s possible. Make sure you bring your kids to see it now through October 23. Then, prepare yourself for a fantastical ride home!



For ticket information, go to dct.org





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