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What’s so great about DCT…

All children and families are welcome at DCT!  Just ask our sensory-friendly families!

Drama helps children with autism and other developmental disabilities build social interaction skills and become more self-aware. Dallas Children’s Theater welcomes children with developmental disabilities and their families! Our sensory-friendly performances and classes are designed to be easy on the senses and meet children and families where they are.

Sensory-friendly performances

Our sensory-friendly performances feature house lights up slightly and sound down slightly. Repetitive flashing lights are eliminated. We offer social stories, quiet rooms, and helpers trained to understand children with sensory sensitivities.

Blue Pegasus Players Classes

Blue Pegasus Players classes are tailored for children with developmental disabilities and sensory needs. Offered throughout the year, the sessions help students better identify emotions, support one another, and take initiative. Some classes feature opportunities for typically developing children to support, make friends with, and learn from children with developmental disabilities.

Sensory-Friendly Performances and Classes at DCT

Making the magic of live theater available to all!

Learn more about sensory-friendly shows here.

Learn more about sensory-friendly classes here.


Photo Credits: Elizabeth Showalter, Patty Bates-Ballard, DCT Staff

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