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This Pinkalicious “Favorite Color” Quiz Just Might Rock Your World?!

“The next morning when I woke up, I was PINK! My face was pink, my hands were pink, and my belly was the color of a sunset… I cried because I was so beautiful. I even had PINK tears.”

-Pinkalicious Pinkerton, on waking up and seeing that her skin had turned her favorite color

Seeing PnewpinkINKALICIOUS on stage with her passion for the color pink reminds me just how powerful color really is in our lives. We, like the characters in the play, all have our favorites, don’t we?

Pinkalicious’ brother, Peter, likes to wear blue clothes. Because Dr. Wink is a doctor, she knows how healthy green foods are. And though Pinkalicious’ best friend, Alison, also loves the color pink, she turns a bit red when she and Pinkalicious get into a disagreement.


There are so many beautiful colors in the world, and while Pinkalicious’ favorite color is obvious, we wondered about the colors you relate to. So, with the help of playbuzz.com, a site where anyone can develop a qPINKALICIOUS 2016uiz, we’ve developed a fun, non-scientific, seven question quiz to spark your colorful musings. No matter if you are red, pink, blue, green, or even yellow at heart—we’re curious to know what the quiz results turned up for you. So, take this fun quiz, and then leave a comment telling us if we guessed right!


Click here to see if we can guess your favorite color.

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