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DCT Turns Spotlight on Team Libby

Monday night at DCT, more than two-dozen local performers – including Disney princesses, singer-songwriters and actors – lent their talents for an unforgettable show. The memorable evening stood out not just because of what was on the playbill, but whom it was for.

Every performer and every person in the audience came in support of Libby, the 6-year-old daughter of local actress Cara Serber, who was in DCT’s 2009 production of Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type, and husband Jeff. In March, Libby was diagnosed with cancer, and since that time, friends and loved ones have rallied around the young girl and her family.

And based on the amount of people who quickly filled the DCT lobby within the first half hour of Monday night’s event, it is clear that Team Libby already has a strong following.

The transformative power of theater not only produced an entertaining show Monday night, it also touched the lives of a very special little girl and her family during a time of great need. Monday night’s event raised more than $12,000, which will help with Libby’s medical expenses.

Dallas Children’s Theater donated the space for holding the event, and a huge debt of gratitude goes to all of the performers and other persons who lent a helping hand to make this event possible.

To learn more about Team Libby, including how to view a sweet YouTube video of Broadway stars saying hi to Libby, visit a special Dallas Morning News article. Also, Mary Poppins herself, Julie Andrews, wrote a very kind note to Libby wishing her well, which you can view here.

Diary of the (Cue)test Show

“They do things big at DCT, but this might be their biggest show yet.” –Dallas Observer

The multi-level set of DCT’s larger-than-life show Diary of a Worm, a Spider & a Fly magnifies the insect world into a fascinating place: It’s in the sky, It’s underground, It’s in a treehouse. There are over-sized juiceboxes, bottle caps, and a bug’s arch nemesis: the vacuum cleaner.

Ant uses his karate skills to try to fend off the dreaded vacuum cleaner. Photo by Karen Almond

While the audience watches all of the action happening onstage in the show, the backstage crew keeps busy with elaborate transitions, called cues.

Cues are signals used to prompt another event in a performance, such as an actor’s speech or entrance, a change in lighting, a sound effect or a video effect.

Did you know there are approximately 450 cues in the show, including 200 light cues, 120 audio cues and 100 video cues? Who knew the insect world could be so complex!

Diary of a Worm, a Spider & a Fly continues at DCT through Sunday, June 3rd! To purchase tickets for one of the upcoming show times, call the Box Office at 214-740-0051, or visit our website.

“Diary” Buzz

It’s the coolest ever rock-n-roll romp in a bug’s world! DCT’s current show Diary of a Worm, a Spider & a Fly is creating all kinds of buzz!

Check out the reviews for yourself:

Dallas Morning News: “The raucous, joyous show rapping spiritedly at Dallas Children’s Theater offers an intoxicating mix of educational and entertaining fare.”

Dallas Observer: “They do things big at DCT, but this may be their biggest show yet.”

TheaterJones: “Not only is the production quality consistently high, but you get to watch the young audience members as they respond to the actors with unfettered honesty.”

Diary of a Worm, a Spider & a Fly continues at DCT through Sunday, June 3rd. Call the Box Office at 214-740-0051, or visit our website to purchase tickets to one of the upcoming show times!

Introducing DCT’s 2012-2013 Season…

Have you updated your passport recently?

Get ready to be transported to another dimension! To a town called Pigsylvania! To a world where everything turns pink! And many other exciting locales!

DCT’s highly anticipated line up of shows for the 2012-2013 season features an exciting variety of imaginative adventures and classic tales.

Find out what our DCT Academy students can’t wait to see!

Also, visit our website for more information on each of the shows in the 2012-2013 season, as well as how to take advantage of DCT’s affordable season ticket packages, which are on sale now!

AnchorKids at DCT

Are you more Worm, Spider or Fly? Does your mother let you roll around in the dirt? Who is your favorite Beatle? (or beetle?)

These are just a few of the burning questions that DCT’s Anchor Kids, Maxwell and Zachary, asked the audience on Friday, May 4th during the Opening Night celebration for the show Diary of a Worm, a Spider & a Fly.

Check out DCT’s young Woodward & Bernstein in action!

One Actor, Six Characters

Grampa Spider is a world traveler. Mrs. Fly’s 327 children drive her crazy. Mrs. Spider is from Fargo, North Dakota. Aunt Rita, a fly, is a little bit Southern. Father Worm gives his son a timeout. And, the DJ, a junebug, keeps the catchy music going.

Six very different characters…all played by one actor!

The multi-talented actor B.J. Cleveland gives us an overview of each character in the insect world that he plays in DCT’s latest show Diary of a Worm, a Spider & a Fly.

Not only does Cleveland have many roles in the show, he actually changes costumes three times in one song to play three different characters!

Check out all of the characters and many more fun songs and surprises in Diary of a Worm, a Spider & a Fly, which is running at Dallas Children’s Theater through Sunday, June 3, 2012.

For more information on show times and ticket availability, visit our website at https://www.dct.org, or call the Box Office at 214-740-0051.

Construction “Diary”

Dear “Diary”, this afternoon, we checked out the amazing “insect world” under construction in the Baker Theater for DCT’s upcoming production of Diary of a Worm, a Spider & a Fly, which starts on Friday, May 4th!

Audiences will be in for a special treat when they come see this coolest ever rock-n-roll romp in a bug’s world. The lives of some very endearing insects – Worm, Spider and Fly – will be magnified into a whimsical, over-the-top wonderland.

Our Production staff showed us a graphic (pictured to the right) to give us an idea what the full set for the show will look like in its completion.

On stage, there will be a lush outdoor landscape with twenty-foot grass, magnificent tree roots, underground tunnels and a gigantic spider web! What more could a bug ask for!

We can’t wait to see this insect world come to life! Stay tuned for more updates to come!

For more information on the show and to purchase tickets, call the Box Office at 214-740-0051, or visit www.dct.org.

Legend Comes to Life!

Ever wonder how the amazing puppeteers of the Kathy Burks Theatre of Puppetry Arts prepare to perform for audiences in the pitch black Studio Theater?

To rehearse “Young King Arthur”, the puppeteers first practiced the show in the Dance Studio room at Dallas Children’s Theater. Why? The full-length mirrors in the Dance Studio give the puppeteers a special advantage in the rehearsal process.

“We work out a lot of details in front of the mirror in the Dance Studio,” said Kathy Burks, founder of the Kathy Burks Theatre of Puppetry Arts.

“You need to be able to see what you are doing and see what the audience sees so that you know if you need to change anything in the way that you are making [the puppets] move and bringing [them] to life.”

We can’t wait to see the full show once it opens in the Studio Theater at Dallas Children’s Theater on Friday, March 9th! Want to join the action?

On Opening Night, Dallas Children’s Theater will have a Medieval-themed party with games and activities before the show and a special Q&A session with the puppeteers after the show! For tickets to the show and more information, call the Box Office at 214-740-0051.

Teen Board Inspires Sweetness!

The DCT Teen Board members have been busy spreading the word about DCT shows, raising awareness on important issues and giving back to the community.

Inspired by one of their favorite childhood books, some members of the DCT Teen Board decided to give back to Dallas Children’s Theater by doing a bake sale, face painting and giving away prizes at Sunday’s performance of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” to promote the show.

The sweetness was contagious – the lobby smelled like cookies, and many of the teens, who wore white mouse ears, interacted with the little ones, some of whom bought cookies while others got their faces painted as little mice.

One little boy (pictured below) concentrated very hard on the guessing game. His hard work paid off because he ended up being the winner, and he ran towards the stage in excitement.

The members of the Teen Board did an amazing job coordinating Sunday’s event! Pictured below, the group went over their game plan just before coming to the front of the stage after the intermission of the show to announce the winners of the prizes from each of the contests.

Sunday’s event was not the first time that the teens have put their sweet tooth to good use. The Sophomores of the Teen Board did their own bake sale during another performance of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” earlier in the run of the show, complete with mouse ears, pink noses and having yummy treats available to the young audience members and their families.

The Sophomores led an impressive event! They met ahead of time to decide on supplies and packaging, make signs and even some of the cookies themselves!

The audience had a great time enjoying the baked goods in honor of The Mouse who inspired the teens to promote the mischievous creature’s hilarious escapades in “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, one of their childhood favorites.

In another event to bring more awareness to Dallas Children’s Theater and the work of the Teen Board, members of the Teen Board filmed and produced their own “Glee” inspired homage to the Dr. Pepper “I’m a Pepper” commercial from the 1970s. Check it out:

Here are some great photos of behind-the-scenes moments (below) from when the teens filmed their video:

In a separate Teen Board event, this time raising awareness on an issue that hits close to home, the teens, led by the Juniors, drove attendance to DCT’s “The Secret Life of Girls” by encouraging friends, teachers, school counselors and other community members to attend the show.

The Juniors hosted a post-show reception for the whole audience after a performance of “The Secret Life of Girls”, which had Cane’s chicken and Sprinkles cupcakes.

They also participated in post-show talkbacks to provide a teen perspective on the issue of bullying and ways to prevent it.

As with all of the comments expressed by teens during these discussions, people were impressed by and appreciative of their engagement on this important subject. When teens said, stand up instead of just blending in when something is going wrong, people were very inspired.

DCT is proud to highlight the amazing group of students on the Teen Board. Not only are these teens giving back to the community, their working together for a common goal makes them positive role models for the young audience members attending DCT shows.

Providing leadership on important issues, as well as getting involved in Dallas Children’s Theater through fun activities – that’s what the Teen Board is all about! Bravo to all!

We can’t wait to see what this active group will be up to next! Here are a couple more pictures from Sunday’s event: