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Meet the winner of our Super Scary 6 Sentence Storytelling Contest!

Mary Anne (back row center) pictured with her granddaughters, husband, and daughter (the girls’ aunt).

In 2015, Mary Anne Doom saw MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET with her granddaughters. When she visits her family in Texas for Thanksgiving each year, she makes it a point to check out the DCT holiday lineup.

Mary Anne is a former English teacher who loves making up stories to tell her granddaughters. Her love of language and storytelling paid off, as she is now the winner of our Super Scary 6 Storytelling Contest!

Here is her story…

One day, after identical twin witch sisters Wendy, who was kind, and Wanda, who was mean, decided to attend the town Halloween party which required that everyone wear a costume, the two witches conspired to switch places and go as each other.

Then Wendy dirtied her face, blackened her teeth, tangled her hair, put on Wanda’s shabby, soiled black dress and crooked hat and scrunched her face into the scowl she’d practiced for weeks.

Next, after some coaxing from her sister, Wanda scrubbed her face, painted her teeth pearly white, brushed and curled her hair, put on Wendy’s clean, pressed black dress and starched hat and applied spider glue to pull the corners of her mouth into a permanent smile.

The townspeople, who knew the witch sisters well, created havoc when they cautioned each other to warmly welcome Wendy, the kind sister, but keep eyes on Wanda, the mean and unkempt witch, as she would definitely attempt to cause chaos, scare the children and steal their treats.

Ever since then, the townspeople stopped judging others on appearance because at the party the adults kept close watch on Wendy, whom they thought was Wanda, which freed Wanda, whom everyone was convinced was Wendy, to put toads in the apple cider, rotten apples in the bobbing tub and spiders in the children’s hair, which made them shriek and drop their treats for Wanda to grab.

The moral of the story is “It is always a good idea to know which witch is which.”


Round up your favorite witches for a fun, frightful performance this Halloween weekend.

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