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She did it for the children: DCT pays homage to Mrs. Orien Woolf

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Mrs. Orien Woolf

Mrs. Orien Woolf was a wife, mother, grandmother, a valued community volunteer, and a generous hands-on philanthropist.  She attended Texas Woman’s University earning a Bachelor of Science Degree followed by a Masters Degree in Social Work from New York University. Orien was a founder of the Dallas Home for Jewish Aged (Golden Acres). She was named recipient of the Golden Achievement Award by Friends of Golden Acres in 1994. The Texas Association of Homes and Services for the Aging named her Trustee of the Year in 1996. She was President of the Board of Directors of Jewish Family Services in 1950. In 2003, she was inducted into the Sisterhood Hall of Fame at Temple Emanu-El.  Because she believed so passionately in exposing children to the arts, Dallas Children’s Theater can also claim her as a dear friend and donor.  Below is a heartfelt account from the folks at her Foundation explaining why she supported theater for young people.  Thank you, Mrs. Woolf, for many years of loyalty, friendship and generosity. We will sorely miss you!

Mrs. Woolf enjoyed going to DCT to see the kids perform.  Often she would take her grandchildren, when they were young.  Sometimes they were in the performances.  When her friends had grandchildren around she would always recommend that they visit DCT.

Mrs. Woolf with graduates from third grade at East Dallas Community School
Mrs. Woolf with graduates from third grade at East Dallas Community School

Mrs. Woolf continued to go back to DCT time and time again for a simple reason – she loved kids.  She loved watching them.  Also, she thought that DCT was doing great work that was important to the Dallas community.

Because of the school trips to DCT through the Student Matinee Performance Series, Mrs. Woolf believed that DCT was giving kids that might not otherwise have the chance the opportunity to see or experience theater.  And, this was very true.  You never know what might go differently for a child because of a visit to DCT.  Their interest in theater may be sparked and talent revealed.  These were her thoughts. Mrs. Woolf’s major gift to DCT during a large fundraising effort was to help make the facility operational for the staff and the children.   But, what was a great facility without the kids?   So, her giving also involved funds needed to bring kids in from the schools to see a performance.  We would often go to one of these performances and she was wide eyed looking at the kids in the audience.  She was thrilled to see them so excited to be there. She also provided funds for kids to attend classes who could not afford to be there otherwise.  And again, what would this do for them?  Here was this great organization and she wanted to help get kids exposed to it.

Mrs. Woolf contributed to DCT because she believed it was a good place for kids.  The work being done there was valuable to young people.   Her sense of the “folks” running the “show” was positive.

Mrs. Woolf would tell folks to visit DCT because the performances are well done.  She would say it is important to support DCT either by donation, volunteering, or purchasing a ticket because DCT is a benefit to our community.

The trustees of the Orien Levy Woolf & Dr. Jack Woolf Charitable Foundation are proud to continue her support to DCT thru the Foundation.

In this season of giving, please consider making a meaningful gift to the children whose lives are affected by their experiences at DCT! You also can help us impact lives. Make a difference and donate today!


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