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Report Cards aren’t always easy – life lessons with Junie B.

1st grade is an eventful time…

In a pivotal scene in JUNIE B.’s ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GUIDE TO SCHOOL, Junie B. attempts to bury her 1st grade report card under the neighbor’s begonias. She is immediately found out, and laments to her mother saying:

Junie B. has not had the perfect year. She’s learned that carpools are not real pools which created an embarrassing moment as she stood on the street in her inner tube as the school bus passed by. She was caught by Mrs. Principal making silly faces against the bus window and ended up getting lectured by Mr. Principal. She has carried a multitude of notes home from her teacher with requests including, but not limited to: “Please do not head butt the other students,” and “Please refrain from using the word stinkyhead.” Let’s just say the Needs Improvement in her report card is more than a little earned.

But Junie B.’s greatest challenge comes in the form of her temper. She describes it as a bull in her stomach named El Toro Fabuloso. This bull, in the musical, looks suspiciously similar to her school-supply-loving, tattletale classmate, May.

When Junie B.’s actions catch up to her, and leave her with those horrifying words on her report card, it’s a confirmation of all her fears. She’s a “bad” kid. She’s scared. She despairs. And…she learns a few things, too. Eventually, her mother comes clean and decides to show Junie her own childhood report card, and Junie B. is shocked to see a “Needs Improvement” clearly written there, too!

Listen up, I tell you! Junie B. Jones is back, and she’s got some advice to give…eventually. It was her brilliant idea to put together a survival guide for next year’s students, but now she’s at a total loss for what to add to it! It doesn’t help that all her friends are full of cool ideas and dance numbers. How’s a girl supposed to deal with all this competition? Hilariously, of course! In this musical extravaganza great for back-to-school time, Junie B. Jones learns some important lessons about school, patience, and personal growth. This play is perfect for fans of Junie B. and newcomers alike!

Saturday, October 15, 1:30PM
Sunday, October 16, 1:30PM
Sunday, October 16, 4:30PM
Saturday, October 22, 1:30PM
Sunday, October 23, 1:30PM
Saturday, October 29, 1:30PM
Sunday, October 30, 1:30PM

Photos by Lawrence Jenkins
JUNIE B.’s ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GUIDE TO SCHOOL produced through special arrangement with Music Theatre International www.MTIshows[dot]com.

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