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One therapist shares her thoughts on DCT’s new play focusing on transgenderism…

What is ANDI BOI really about?…

ANDI BOI.  A transgender play, yes, but really a play of benefit to everyone.  Perhaps more than love itself, I think that humans crave something.  That something, is to really know each other.  But to get there, we have to look beyond what we think we already know.  ANDI BOI takes us squarely in that direction.  No, it is not so easy to challenge ourselves to think differently, but it is important that we stop, look and re-examine ourselves and our world.  Maybe it is not as it seems.  Maybe gender is not so simple and there really is more gender complexity.  If we would just let go of that inherent need to be right all of the time, I think we might find that deeper connection; a valuable connection that perhaps we’ve been missing out on.  Such a discovery would not just benefit transgender people, but all people; especially our own spirits. I think this is the powerful lesson ANDI BOI teaches: We need friends.  We need each other more than we need to be right.  Really, this is the point of life.  We only need to stop, listen and reconsider what we know.  We may discover new ways to love.

I say all of this, for it came true for me.  ANDI BOI fell in my lap, and I found myself volunteering behind the scenes.  Who knew my heart would find a whole community of people trying to bring a bit of light to a controversial topic such as transgenderism?  Who knew I would find such kind new friends?  As a transgender woman myself who came out long before the internet, I am touched by such change of heart.  There was a time when we were taught to hide and to be ashamed.  Those were darker days.  Without a doubt, ANDI BOI can make us all feel tall and proud.  I think the director of the play, Bruce Coleman, got it right when he gives us all permission to reach out to each other, to forgive each other and to not be so afraid.  Without saying it, he says, hey, it’s okay to ask questions and it’s okay to change.  With a little love and sincerity, he says we can allow ourselves to think and grow in new ways.

So, please do go see ANDI BOI.  I know you will really love it.  After the show, there’ll be a chance to meet and talk with people like me who will be a part of the talkback discussions.  I just bet you might make a new friend.

Renee Baker is a Licensed Professional Counselor focusing on gender therapy and has a private practice in North Dallas.  She may be reached at www.renee-baker.com.



Written and Directed by Bruce R. Coleman
Co-produced with Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in partnership with First Unitarian Church of Dallas
February 7 – 16, 2020
Created especially for ages 13 and up and those who love them…

(Contains adult language)

Performance Dates and Times:

Friday, February 7, 7:30 PM
Saturday, February 8, 1:30 PM
Sunday, February 9, 1:30 PM
Sunday, February 9, 4:30 PM
Saturday, February 15, 1:30 PM
Sunday, February 16, 1:30 PM (ASL)

Ticket Prices: $16 for single tickets. Prices subject to change. Call the Box Office for details, 214-740-0051.

General tickets are available online at dct.org

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