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Music! Music is a many-splendored treasure. It bridges a path between education and fun; it crosses generations in interesting ways; and it also keeps us awake at night when we can’t – for the life of us – get tunes like “Conjunction Junction” out of our head. SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! ties together music, history, math, and generations thanks to the persistent hand of a teacher who knows the power of music and motivation.

Teachers are around us every day. They are in the loving family and friends that gently guide us in the right direction, and in the unwelcome people that frustrate us as we wait in traffic on the highway. (Yep, whether we like it or not, they are teachers too.) Through both good and bad teachers, there is always an opportunity to learn. As parents, grandparents, and friends, we owe it to our young loved ones to be a source of guidance in these teachable moments. All of us can recall similar moments from when we were children. How did our parents/grandparents advise us? Some lessons are easier than others, but with the right tools – music, fun, conversation – learning, in general, can become the rewarding experience it is mean to be.

Now, here’s an exercise you can download and pass on to your child. Have your child, as well as a grandparent or someone dear to them fill out the following “I learned” sheet throughout the day. At the end of the day, have them either e-mail or show their sheets to each other. The goal of this exercise is to strengthen awareness of learning in everyday life, and to enforce that even as a grown-up, you never stop learning important lessons!

Bring your grandma or grandpa to see SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! coming up January 25-February 23 and don’t forget to see Nana herself in LAST STOP ON MARKET STREET this March!

Family bonding time is great at a DCT play. Buy tickets at dct.org!

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