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Nana Moments: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Change can be as gradual as dust building up on a bookshelf; but other times, it’s as fast and unpredictable as a magical curse. At its core, Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is a story about transformations, gradual and sudden; and the love that comes when finding similarities when they’re least expected.

Children of this generation, more than ever before, are constantly presented with different perspectives, cultures, and concepts every day. It is important that children learn to be kind when encountering something that is different than what they are used to. Teaching them to celebrate and learn from differences is a smart path to developing an open-minded and well-rounded young person.

Now, here’s an exercise you can download and pass on to your child. Encourage them to interview a grandparent or someone else dear to them. The goal of the exercise is to help them see that through a spirit of kindness, we can appreciate the different perspectives and experiences of others, especially our elders.

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