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Memorable Moments at DCT: One parent’s story

Memorable Moments at DCT:
Erin’s Mom, Julie, shares her perspective…Part 2

We want to thank all of you who are taking an opportunity during these challenging times to share your DCT stories with us. Erin and her parents are great examples of the impact DCT has had on so many families. Read on as young Erin quizzes her mom about her DCT memories…

How did you come to know about DCT?

“When we moved to Dallas from Chicago, I was looking for activities to do with my kids, and I was delighted to find a theater that specifically targeted families because we did not have that in Chicago. So, in Dallas we got a year-round opportunity to see productions as a family versus in Chicago where maybe once a year a theater would do something for kids.”

What is your earliest memory of going to DCT with me?

“I remember taking you to see ‘If You Give a Pig a Party’ at the start of the season when we moved here, and you loved it so much. It was celebratory, and it was funny. You and your brother talked about it in the car ride all the way home. You laughed about it, and it was great!”

Do you have a favorite moment at DCT?

“I always enjoyed taking you to see shows, but I also was really excited when you wanted to take summer camp at DCT and be part of a show yourself. What I really liked over the course of the camp was that it brought you out of your shell, especially when you would tell me on the car ride home how excited you were about the costume, and how you came up with some crazy dog character. It just sounded really fun, and you would do the acting exercises in front of the mirror, especially the one with your hand going in front of your face and changing your expressions. So, I was just really excited to see you develop a passion.”

What do you think is different about seeing a show at DCT versus going to a movie or watching TV?

“You and your brother always liked watching things on TV, but you both would always zone-out a little bit. When the productions are live and in front of you, it’s a lot more exciting. You’ve got a much larger group of kids around you, so the laughter is infectious. Not only did you both pay more attention, but the experience is more creative, and anything can happen. At Dallas Children’s Theater especially, the actors are very good at coming out into the audience and being interactive. I just like that ability to see creativity live.”

Why should families make DCT visits a priority?

“I think all families should make DCT a priority because it is live, it is creative, it is right in our backyard, it is a perfect introduction into a lifelong support of the arts. It’s fun and engaging, and as a family, you remember it and talk about it. It creates great memories and it’s something wonderful to do together. It’s also a great field trip for a family to get out of your house and explore Dallas.”

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Next week: Erin’s dad, John, talks about his memorable moments.

Photos courtesy of Julie Parolisi

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