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Memorable Moments at DCT: One father’s story

Memorable Moments at DCT:
Erin’s Dad, John, shares his perspective…Part 3

We want to thank all of you who are taking an opportunity during these challenging times to share your DCT stories with us. Erin and her parents are great examples of the impact DCT has had on so many families. Read on as young Erin quizzes her dad about his DCT memories…
How did you come to know about DCT?

“I came to know about DCT because my wife told me about it, and we started taking you and your brother there. I think we are really blessed to have such a great children’s theater in Dallas, and it’s a fun activity for everyone in the community.”

What is your earliest memory of going to DCT with me?

“I remember going to ‘The Mummy’s Claw’ with you and your brother, and you having a combination of loving it experience and also a being on the edge of your seats reaction. But, DCT works hard to make every kid have a positive experience, and by the time we left, you both wanted to see it again, and like all the performances, ‘The Mummy’s Claw’ was superb.”

Do you have a favorite moment at DCT?

“My favorite moment at the theater was pretty much at every performance we went to when you and your brother were little; when we got out of the theater at the end, and all the actors and actresses were accessible, and you two were able to meet people who were representing characters that you had grown to love during the performance. That ability to be able to engage with the actors behind the scenes was something that I really liked because I could see the joy in your eyes and your excitement.”

What do you think is different about seeing a show at DCT versus going to a movie or watching TV?

“I think it’s really different because there is more of a sense of community when you are watching a DCT production, and you see other people there that are really enjoying something that’s playing out in front of them in a very visceral way. Unlike at a movie theater where everyone is experiencing something individually at their seats, at DCT, there is way more of a sense of community both before the show , during the show, and after the show. At the end, you get to meet the actors and actresses, so you get a chance to become much more a part of what you are seeing.”

Why should families make DCT visits a priority?

“Families should make DCT visits a priority because it is a crown-jewel in Dallas that doesn’t exist in a lot of other cities. The type of shows that DCT is able to put on and how incredible they are, they are as good as any adult oriented performance you could see. The production values are super high, the people there care so much, and it’s more of a total experience. You aren’t just going there to witness something; you are able to engage. On top of that, there are all sorts of programs that they offer that allow children to really be able to engage more in the arts than just going to see performances. It’s something that is really unique, and we are super lucky to have it in Dallas, and people who don’t take advantage of that are missing out.”

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Production photo by Linda Blase. Additional photos courtesy of John Parolisi.

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