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Memorable Moments at DCT – A mom speaks…

Memorable Moments at DCT: Amari’s Mom, Constance, shares her perspective…Part 2

We want to thank all of you who are taking the opportunity during these challenging times to share your DCT stories with us. Amari and her parents are great examples of the impact DCT has had on so many families. Read on as we quiz Constance on her DCT memories…

How did you originally come to know about DCT?

When I met my husband Mar in high school, he often spoke about going to Dallas Children’s Theater when he was young. He shared with me that his Uncle Rocky would take him and his siblings to see plays there. So when we had children of our own, we decided that we would continue to take our children to DCT so they could have the same memorable experiences he had.

What is your most meaningful memory of your daughter at DCT?

The most meaningful memory for our daughter, Amari, is when she went on stage after the play Seussical. This was a BIG deal because Amari was a very introverted and quiet child, and she never liked crowds. However, the day she saw Seussical, I remember her coming alive with the cast and all of the action. Her dad and I were sitting in the seats – while she was on stage – tearing up. For the first time, she was interacting with others, out of her comfort zone, and having so much fun!

What is valuable about taking your kid to a DCT production rather than watching a movie or TV?

I valued taking my children to DCT productions because it was an entire experience for them. The plays are literary based, and we would always read the book before coming to the show or after we left. My daughter enjoyed making comparisons between the books and the plays. When we go to the movies or watch TV at home, it’s less interactive, and my children would get bored halfway through it. DCT productions allow children to be a part of the plays and feel involved.

What do you think is special about the DCT experience, and why do you continue to come back to productions?

We continue to purchase season tickets and bring our children back to DCT, because it teaches them the importance of the arts. There are so many lessons and skills they can learn by watching a play. I also believe it sparks a creative fire in my children to want to create. A DCT experience also helps children, like my daughter, who are shy become more comfortable around others through the classes and camps they offer.

Would you like to add anything else?

I’d like families to know that there is only one DCT! There aren’t many places in our community where families can take their children to learn about live theater. By supporting DCT, you are supporting a child’s dream of becoming an actor (actress), singer, director, writer, vocalist or just a well-developed human being! DCT has played a wonderful role in building powerful memories for my family, and I hope it will continue to do that for generations to come.

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Photos by Karen Almond, Lawrence Jenkins, and courtesy of Amari Howard

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