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Memorable Moments at DCT – A father’s thoughts…

Memorable Moments at DCT: Amari’s Dad, Mar, shares his perspective…Part 3

We want to thank all of you who are taking the opportunity during these challenging times to share your DCT stories with us. Amari and her parents are great examples of the impact DCT has had on so many families. Read on in our final installment with Amari’s family, as Amari’s dad, Mar, shares his DCT memories…

How did you originally come to know about DCT?

As a youth in Dallas, I was introduced to Dallas Children’s Theater at the Rosewood location by my Uncle Rocky who served on the board as a treasurer. He would take my siblings and I to see plays, and sometimes I would sit in on board meetings with him. Now, as a husband and father, I also sit on the DCT board. I am so appreciative that DCT has played such a significant role in my family’s life.

What is your most meaningful memory of your daughter at DCT?

One of my fondest memories of my daughter, Amari, is when she was about seven, and we took her to see the play Pinkalicious. She was so excited about going to the play, because we had purchased the book for her from her school book fair. When we arrived on opening night, DCT provided such a spectacular experience; any little girl would have truly loved it. Her face was beaming with excitement as she watched the play. I am always happy to see that DCT has merchandise for parents to purchase from the play; story props, books and more. Having these items available during the show makes the play more realistic, interactive and memorable. My girls still have their Pinkalicious wands today!

What is valuable about taking your kid to a DCT production rather than watching a movie or TV?

In my opinion, live theater provides a higher level of professionalism than television. When you attend a play at DCT, you can see the results of the actors practice and the love they have for the craft of live performance. When my wife and I take my daughters to see a play, we want them to understand all of the parts that make a live play come together, from writing the play to staging. With our girls understanding this, they have become more creative and aspire to express themselves through piano, singing and visual art.

What do you think is special about the DCT experience, and why do you continue to come back to productions?

I continue to bring my family back to DCT, because it is truly a family affair. Not just for my family and the community, but the theater itself is a safe place for all to come who love the performing arts. Robyn’s family decided years ago that they wanted to service our community, with love, care, and an experience you can’t find anywhere else. Even today, there is no place like DCT!

Would you like to add anything else?

With continued support, DCT will be around for years to come. I know what my daughters have experienced here has changed them for the better. I strongly encourage and hope families will continue to bring their families and invest in live theater. Investing in DCT is investing in the future of our children. Thank you DCT for molding my girls, as you have molded me!

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Photos courtesy of Mar Howard

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