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Hailey Duggan, Age 7

It’s been so exciting to look through the winners of DCT’s BELIEVE Creativity Contest as we prepare the display for next season.  These young artists tackled the idea of believing in something wholeheartedly, and it is absolutely inspiring and has given us new insight on the power of imagination. Even those that were not selected as winners gave us a lot to think about.

Erin, age 11, said on her entry form that she “believes anything can happen and that all thing are possible.”

Princess Land

Alyssa, age 11, said she believes mermaids could take us “on a journey to the deep sea of her imagination.”

Griselda, age 15, said she believes she can escape a harsh reality by riding her bike.

We will be celebrating these young artists all year, with the creations of 11 grand prize winners and 7 honorable mentions in display cases in DCT’s lobby.   Each will be honored individually at opening nights this season, and with the opening of Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale, we will celebrate Hailey Duggan and her creation Princess Land.  Hailey is a seven-year-old, homeschooled second grader who believes everyone should have the chance to go explore new places.

When we received Hailey’s salt dough creation, we were impressed by her ingenious blending of materials and found objects, including a cutting board and toys. Hailey explains, “First I shaped it, then I put in the trees, bushes, castle, jewel path, and picnic ground. After it hardened, I painted it with grass, flowers, and streams, and I added a flag made of rubber bands.

Hailey said she got the idea to create Princess Land when she saw a picture of Walt Disney’s map design of Disneyland. We love hearing what inspires kids to create and always enjoy seeing where their creativity will take them.  Remember to check out our Fun to Do page to find activities your family can do together.

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