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Live. Laugh. Learn. Repeat. This mantra is a window into the foundation of the content that can be found on the pages of Good Life Family Magazine (GLF), a Dallas-based publication for parents of kids tweens to twenties.

GLF, which is in its 5th year of publication as a free, glossy print magazine, is published every other month and distributed primarily across Collin, Dallas, and Denton counties. GLF, GLF Weekly, the print magazine’s digital sister, and the website, goodLIFEfamilymag.com, are resources for “sandwich generation” parents – those who are sandwiched between raising their kids (and often grandkids) and navigating life alongside their aging parents. Often a challenging period in their lives, parents can’t be expected to have all the answers all the time—which is where GLF comes in. Extensive and insightful content addresses the daily joys and struggles of finding a balance between kids and parents…all while trying to keep ourselves sane.

GLF’s content makes for an easy segue to its connection to and support for Dallas Children’s Theater. DCT’s upcoming show, THE SECRET LIFE OF GIRLS by Linda Daugherty, takes a close look at just how mean girls can be, especially in their transformative teenage years. Bullying, an issue that hits close to home for so many families, can lead to dangerous behaviors such as depression, cutting, and eating disorders. The National Voices for Equality Education and Enlightenment shares a staggering statistic that a child is bullied every 7 minutes.

The difficult-to-hear, yet essential information that THE SECRET LIFE OF GIRLS focuses on is precisely the type of content GLF shares with its 75,000+ readers. Maintaining open lines of communication on this topic will help educate parents and teens and decrease the bullying epidemic.

Though Good Life Family does dive into the not-so-pretty realities of parenthood, there is also a wealth of articles about lighter, more relaxed, material including home & gardening tips, recipes,fashion trends,health advice, legal tips, family entertainment, dining.

GLF and DCT work together as a resource to families for issues that are not always the easiest to discuss, but are nonetheless important to keep prevalent in the minds of parents and children alike. Dallas Children’s Theater productions promote social values, moral integrity, and reflect cultural diversity of the community through casting and themes—details which Good Life Family is only too proud to support and echo through its articles. Grab tickets to DCT’s production of THE SECRET LIFE OF GIRLS beginning February 15 and lasting through the 24th, and don’t forget to snag a copy of GLF found on local newsstands at local retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, doctors’ offices, schools, sports complexes, and community centers. Additionally, GLF gives its digital subscribers a flip book version of the magazine plus GLF Weekly offers subscribers current news and feature articles every Thursday.

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By Linda Daugherty

February 15 – February 24, 2019

Bullying in every form – from open tactics like gossiping and keeping secrets, to using friendship as a weapon – can become the prelude to dangerous behaviors like depression, cutting, and eating disorders. This show takes an unflinching look into the world of mean girls and exposes the consequences that bullying creates. Because that girl everyone is spreading rumors about…the one who just can’t seem to fit in…chances are, you know who she is. This production by award-winning playwright Linda Daugherty generated massive buzz when it debuted in 2007 and subsequently launched DCT’s internationally-praised teen issue series. In DCT tradition, teens and those who love them are invited to see a performance, and then stay after for a conversation with local experts.

NOT suitable for children under 12. Buy tickets now.

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