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How are you doing, parents? Got the fenced-in blues? Take 15 minutes for yourself.

This summer: Relax and grow with these resources specifically chosen for busy moms and dads!

Dallas Children’s Theater understands that the recent isolation requirements don’t create a stressful time for just the little ones, but for parents, too! For this reason, we have a special care package just for the wonderful moms and dads of the world. Thanks for keeping everyone’s spirits up during this trying time.

Take some time for you, and do some animal-themed yoga with DCT Teaching Artist Katy Tye. Your kids will love it, too!  Press play and start to feel better immediately…

Wanting to learn more about technology but intimidated by the amount of resources and technobabble you have to sift through? PwC has kindly made their Digital Fitness App available to download for FREE. This app keeps you up-to-date on new technology, with explanations on all sorts of new innovations.

Simply use this invite code: LRNALL

Download the app on your preferred device! Happy learning!

Alamo Drafthouse is keeping busy, even when social distancing remains necessary. With a number of unique (not for kids!) titles available to stream for a price, you can pour yourself a drink, eat dinner, and have an Alamo Drafthouse experience right in the comfort of your own living room! They’ve been a supportive partner of Dallas Children’s Theater, so we are happy to show them a little love.

The Crow Museum of Asian Art is providing 15-minute mindful meditations. A few minutes of daily deep breathing will yield benefits for a lifetime. Also available, are unique interviews with artists in the Dallas area. Support your local museums and score yourself 15 minutes to get centered.

We hope you discover peaceful and beneficial moments in these tidbits. We appreciate all you do, and we’ll see you again soon!

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