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Get set! GOOSEBUMPS THE MUSICAL single tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Here are some interesting facts about the books written by author R. L. Stine.

Stine says his writing process is “backwards” compared to most authors. He thinks of the titles first, then he writes the book. “I never try to think of ideas, I only think about titles. I try to get a good title, and the title leads me to the story.”1

R. L. Stine came up with the name “Goosebumps” randomly, while reading a TV Guide. “At the bottom of the page, there was an ad, and it said, ‘It’s goosebumps week on channel 11.’ I just stared at it. I knew it was the perfect name.”

For many children, Stine’s mildly scary books are their first step up from picture books. Their language is accessible and they tend to sidestep real-world concerns, relying on fantastical creatures, ghosts and the occasional slow-moving zombie for their scares.4


Goosebumps is BIG. Since Welcome to Dead House, the first Goosebumps book, was published in July 1992, the 62-book series has sold over 350 million copies worldwide in 32 languages. It is the second best-selling children’s book series next to Harry Potter!3

There are four rare Goosebumps books: Legend of the Lost Legend, Werewolf Skin, I Live in Your Basement!, and Monster Blood IV. These only exist as first editions and are known to Goosebumps fans as ‘The Unreprinted’.3

R.L. Stine thinks the first book in the series, Welcome to Dead House, is too scary for kids. Stine said, “I didn’t have the formula then, to combine funny and scary. I hadn’t really figured it out yet, and if I were redoing Welcome to Dead House, I think I’d put in some funny stuff and make it a little less intense.”

THE FUN: Get a behind the scenes look at GOOSEBUMPS THE MUSICAL: PHANTOM OF THE AUDITORIUM! Take a tour of DCT’s catwalk and ride the elevator down to the basement! Plus we’ll have thrilling dance lessons (hint, hint) and some up-close and personal magic. Partygoers will be among the first to make purchases from DCT’s first ever costume shop sale. Of course, the dance party at the end is a must-attend. There’ll be great food and fantastical take-home treats to boot! This party is sure to be a scream, so wear your favorite costume and prepare for a spooktacular time!

THE CAUSE: The Party benefits DCT’s Student Matinee Performance Series (SMPS), an education program that gives students access to live theater at virtually no cost to them.  Integrating theater into education has proven to increase a child’s learning receptivity.  SMPS is presented throughout the school year and summer, and each year reaches as many as 50,000 students, most of whom qualify for free or reduced lunch.  Your support helps ensure that no child will miss the theater experience due to financial hardship.

To purchase tickets, visit dct.org/goosebumpsparty or call 214-740-0051

Based on the best-selling book series by R. L. Stine
Book and Lyrics by John Maclay
Music and Lyrics by Danny Abosch 

September 22 – October 29, 2017

Recommended for ages 7 and up
The haphazard detective work of Scooby Doo meets the witty banter of Glee in this frighteningly fun musical based on the beloved Goosebumps series. Brooke and Zeke are starring in their school play…The Phantom. (Yep-it’s a spoof of the Broadway musical!) When strange things start to happen during rehearsals, no one is sure if it’s a practical joke or if the school’s theater is haunted. Wear your favorite costume and bring the entire family to this silly, and only a little spooky, adventure.

Single tickets go on sale August 1 

Tickets and more information www.dct.org



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