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Donors help Dallas Children’s Theater create magic at Children’s Health…

On a quiet Wednesday in September, some very important people met up on the hospital’s Channel 77 for an adventure.

Three of them were adults: the hard-working Seacrest Studios hosts Abbie and Marin, and Dallas Children’s Theater’s own Miss Alyssa (aka Belle from DCT’s production of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST). There were four children visible on the screen: Angel, Autumn, J Don, and Acone. They were patients at Children’s Health dealing with their own unique set of challenges, but still wanting to be a part of the fun. And, there was a host of other children participating off camera from their rooms. 

Left to right: J Don, Angel, Acone, and Autumn

Ordinarily, Dallas Children’s Theater makes in-person promotional appearances at the hospital to promote upcoming shows. The cast performs short segments and signs autographs for kiddoes and families alike. With COVID regulations, we had to think of alternative ways to connect with our young audiences. And fortunately, such setbacks don’t deter DCT from ensuring that all children get access to live theater.


“Wow. Yesterday’s show was truly incredible,” sent Abbie in an e-mail after the performance. “We are so excited for next month and can’t thank you enough for all your work in coordinating this virtual workshop. Alyssa is so talented and demonstrated such a deep passion and skill for connecting with and empowering children! We are beyond grateful.”

In wild times such as these, it’s important to remember what really matters: connection, hope, and a whole lot of love.

Dallas Children’s Theater wishes to thank the Ryan Goldblatt Foundation along with Staci and Scott Reznik for making our presence at Children’s Health possible. You believe, as we do, that ALL children deserve the magic of live theater. As we’ve often said, theater is wonderful food for a child’s soul.

Photos: Courtesy of Children’s Health

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