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Bank of Texas: Investing in Arts Education

Regardless of your age, there is a great likelihood that you can recall the first time you attended a play. The memory is likely all the more vivid if it took place when you were a child. You were transported to another world, mesmerized by the actors, the story and the stage, by a genre that is far more personal and human than a motion picture could ever be.

Research has spoken to the power the arts possess to help children lead more productive and impactful lives. The Dallas Children’s Theater has long believed in bringing the power of the arts to the children of Dallas, and is about to reach its 28th year of providing this vital service to our children. Bank of Texas is proud of their efforts as they bring those powerful, vivid moments and memories to the young people in our community through theatrical productions, classes and special events.

Bank of Texas was especially pleased to sponsor the Dallas Children’s Theater’s recent special event featuring one of the leading voices in the research devoted to the impact of the arts on children, Dr. James Catterall. Dr. Catterall’s research is well-respected and widely used in the arts community by organizations such as the National Endowment for the Arts, VH1 Save the Music, the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, Americans for the Arts, National Arts Council, and countless others.

Dallas Children’s Theater and other arts groups in the community who devote time and attention to children and families are certainly worthy of our time and investment because their efforts are clearly enriching our citizens of today and tomorrow. I hope all of you will consider learning more about them.

To learn more about Dallas Children’s Theater’s impact, watch this video.

Guest Blogger,

George Townsend

Senior Portfolio Manager, Bank of Texas

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