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The following is a letter from a recent parent who enrolled her child for the first time in our Academy program.  Thanks Shawn for letting us share this!


Dear Terry:

A huge round of applause and hugs to you and your team.

Our Pre K Drama camp experience was wonderful!

I really cannot emphasize enough how the program benefited my daughter.  Reese does not attend other classes besides gymnastics because she never feels “comfortable” enough to leave Mom.  And there was absolutely no hesitation for her to go with your team!  As soon as we pulled into the parking lot she said, “i know this place, this is where Pinkalicious is.  I’m not scared Mommy I know this place.”  It was the first time I was able to drop her off and go.

The organization, safety and dedicated team was second to none.

Reese woke up early each day and dressed herself because she couldn’t wait to get there.  That is a pretty big feat for a 4 year old who has never attended any classes without Mom.   And we had to leave pretty early to arrive on time none of which deterred her one bit.  Can’t wait to be a part of your next program and will continue to enjoy your wonderful productions.

All the best & a sincere thank you.

Shawn & Reese

Valen and Reese (1)

( Reese receives her flowers on performance day as she poses with her teacher Valen.)


September 19th is North Texas Giving Day

The impact of your gift to Dallas Children’s Theater is truly immeasurable.  Just ask Shawn and Reese.

To read more about DCT’s impact, read these stories


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