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And now a word on 35 years from our artistic leaders…

Throughout our 35 years of magic-making, our artistic team has embarked upon many an impossible adventure and has experienced the range of emotions. Oh the stories they tell… But talking to them today, you realize that they actually relish in every unforgettable memory.

Playbills from Treasure Island 1985, Charlotte’s Web 1994, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever 2009, and A Wrinkle In Time 2013.

We visited with artistic leaders Robyn Flatt, Artie Olaisen, and Nancy Schaeffer who have been working to craft everything that goes on in our classrooms and on our stages. We asked them about their recollections of the last 35 years.

“It is with great pride that we celebrate this 35th season anniversary, and the inspiration and enlightenment we have brought to widely diverse families and children through theater that is focused on spotlighting young characters who serve as magnificent role models,” expressed Robyn Flatt, founder and executive artistic director. “This season, we celebrate this most meaningful service to the community. We celebrate our depth of content. We celebrate our alumni, both youth and adult, who have gone on to creative lives from coast to coast. We celebrate our roots and commitment to real creative growth through the development of powerful new works that address tough topics, delightful entertainment, and opportunities for every child.”

Associate Artistic Director and Director of Education, Nancy Schaeffer, was quick to point out the high standards that Robyn set from the beginning. She has overheard many adults being blown away by the productions. She recalls, “Through the years, we have heard feedback from parents that they appreciate our commitment to high quality programming for their children. Parents have told us they feel safe bringing their children to DCT for shows, classes, and more. There is so much out there for a family to spend time on – but parents tell us again and again that they are more than happy when they take the time to come to see live theater with their family. I remember overhearing a mother talking to a child once saying that she loved theater, and she was so excited to be able to finally share that love with her child.”

Associate Artistic Director, Artie Olaisen, can’t believe how the years have flown by. He exclaims, “We stuck to an artistic point of view that was always child-centric. And, despite, overwhelming obstacles, we grew and have survived! At the beginning, we didn’t have two dimes to rub together, but I have had the opportunity to have a life in the Theater and to work with a group of fellow artists that I admired and cared about, and who were committed to building a cultural institution that could and has impacted this community and the field of Theater for Young Audiences.”

Among the three is more than a century of distinct and exceptional artistic work; work that educates and enlightens and inspires ages 2 to 102. The entire staff salutes Robyn, Artie and Nancy for their contribution, and we look forward to what they have cooked up for the next 35 years.

This season’s slate of productions will take audiences on land and sea adventures and excursions through time.


PHOTO CREDITS: Linda Blase, Rex Curry, Karen Almond, Lawrence Jenkins

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