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All hail the Lizard Queen: Meet Junie B.’s nemesis – Tattletale May

Junie and May have never quite seen eye-to-eye…

May Murkee is a fellow first grader in Junie B.’s class. May seems to know just about every zoo animal there is to know, but can’t seem to remember to include the “B.” in Junie B.’s name. May and June might be right next to each other on the calendar, but you won’t catch these two similarly named girls sitting side-by-side anytime soon.

She and Junie B. often find themselves competing for attention in class. And outside of class. And, well, pretty much whenever they see each other. Junie B. struggles with her temper whenever May is around, and May only seems to get louder in response. Will these two girls ever be able to see past their differences? Find out in JUNIE B.’s ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GUIDE TO SCHOOL!

Listen up, I tell you! Junie B. Jones is back, and she’s got some advice to give…eventually. It was her brilliant idea to put together a survival guide for next year’s students, but now she’s at a total loss for what to add to it! It doesn’t help that all her friends are full of cool ideas and dance numbers. How’s a girl supposed to deal with all this competition? Hilariously, of course! In this musical extravaganza great for back-to-school time, Junie B. Jones learns some important lessons about school, patience, and personal growth. This play is perfect for fans of Junie B. and newcomers alike!

Saturday, October 22, 1:30PM

Sunday, October 23, 1:30PM

Saturday, October 29, 1:30PM

Sunday, October 30, 1:30PM

Photos by Lawrence Jenkins
JUNIE B.’s ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GUIDE TO SCHOOL produced through special arrangement with Music Theatre International www.MTIshows[dot]com.

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