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A Future Leader’s Thoughts on Race…

Meet Ariya, a DCT Social Justice Youth Ambassador

We are so excited to be launching an initiative that gives young people a space to share their thoughts on race. Our goal is to encourage sharing and understanding of society’s challenges in order to foster healing and pave the way for a better tomorrow for our young people. After participating in DCT’s first Youth Chat, ten-year-old Ariya took some time to document and share his views on the very important subject of race. 

Let’s hear from Ariya…

  1. Racism exists around the world, and sadly, we cannot really stop it. I think that our skin colors should not matter so much; we shouldn’t judge each other by how we look.
  2. Slavery was a very cruel thing. The thought of having someone own you, whip you, sell you away from your family, and to even be able to kill you, is a very terrible thought.
  3. I know police hold a very important role in everyday life in society, but I don’t agree that they can abuse their power and, for no reason whatsoever, be racist and kill innocent people. It is very shocking that police officers will bully black people only because of their color.
  4. Colors don’t make people; it’s what people do for others that is remembered.
  5. The way that black people are treated is very unfair. We should all be treated equitably and fairly. We should all be treated equally as our race is all the same; human.
  6. The difference between #AllLivesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter is that if people treat black people the same as white people, then #AllLivesMatter would work. We only say #BlackLivesMatter because they are treated worse, and we want to emphasize that black people do matter; not that they matter more.

To hear more from Ariya and others, watch DCT’s first Youth Chat conversation.

Be a part of the next conversation:

Thursday, April 29 at 5:30PM

Photo credits: courtesy of Ariya, Imagination Stage, and DCT staff

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