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Memorable Moments at DCT: Busy mom Leah Mora tells her story.

Leah and Laurel Mora

We want to thank all of you who are taking the opportunity during these challenging times to share your DCT stories with us. Enjoy the perspective of yet another wonderful DCT Mom. Read on…

How did you originally come to know about DCT?

My family and I moved to Dallas and were interested in finding enrichment activities for our children. Dallas Children’s Theater was close to our new home, and I drove past it on numerous occasions, so I decided to look into their programming. I was delighted to find out that they not only offered multiple premier stage productions throughout the year, but also provided an array of wonderful classes for children. I signed mine up right away.

What is your most meaningful memory of Laurel at DCT?

The Mora Family

I am fortunate to have many great memories of Laurel at DCT, and it is a bit difficult to select only one. We have had the privilege of watching many great productions, and Laurel has participated in most of the classes offered at DCT, and she has truly benefitted from their engaging and professional instruction. She has also had lots of fun while learning. I thoroughly enjoyed her spooky portrayal of La LLorona in the Ghouls and Graveyards production, but my most meaningful memory was of Laurel performing in the Next Stop Broadway production. This was a moment when Laurel was able to be a part of a large production that celebrated all things musical theater. She loves the experience of performing on stage, and this production was a musical extravaganza.

What is valuable about taking your kid to a DCT production rather than watching a movie or TV?

The value of taking my children to a DCT production is being a part of a wonderfully creative process that we can experience together. DCT does a fantastic job of telling meaningful stories onstage that resonate with everyone. They are brave with the stories they select to perform and are inclusive and community oriented. The actors perform onstage but also throughout the entire theater giving audience members an opportunity to become truly engaged in real time. My son enjoyed this aspect of the performances. Audience members are immersed in a fun live experience that has the power to be educational and transformative. We felt this way watching Yana Wana’s Legend of the Bluebonnet.

The littlest Mora

What do you think is special about the DCT experience, and why do you continue to come back to productions?

It was evident from the moment I spoke to Terry who helped me sign Laurel up for her very first class at DCT that this organization was warm and centered around focusing on the individual. Every class that my children participated in had an instructor who cared about each and every individual child and did their best to bring out the best of their personality and nature onstage. DCT instructors engage students in a gentle and supportive manner that allows for each student to shine brightly. They meet the student where they are and encourage them to be their best. It was remarkable to me and a testament to DCT’s creative teachings.

We continue to come back to productions because DCT is a powerhouse of creativity and kindness and generosity to its community. All of the many productions that we have had the privilege of seeing told an important message and allowed for insightful family discussions. Productions are fun and entertaining and fill the soul. DCT takes pride in what they do and they do it very well!

Would you like to add anything else?

The Mora Family at DCT

I am very grateful for having discovered DCT because it has made a substantial impact in my family’s life. DCT has provided a wonderfully safe place for children and families to learn and grow and to be entertained by meaningful stories performed in a beautiful manner. DCT has personally fostered my daughter’s love for the performing arts and their instructors have helped her hone her craft over the years, so much so that she is pursuing a Theatre Arts – Playwriting education in New York. Thank you DCT!

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Photos courtesy of Leah Mora

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