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Spotlight on DCT’s Student Matinee Performance Series…

What is The Student Matinee Performance Series?

  • Each year, thousands of students take a field trip to DCT to see a show.
  • Some children are seeing a professional production for the very first time.
  • More than 75% come from schools located in areas rated as economically challenged.
  • DCT provides deep discounts for these tickets so that cost is not a barrier to them having this experience.
  • In Dallas, no other arts organization is able to provide a Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) aligned Fine Arts experience to the volume of children that DCT does every year.
“Every grade level at our school tries to attend a “fine arts” field trip and since I am the field trip coordinator for my grade level I always choose a theatrical performance. The kiddos sit in front of screens for too much of their lives and expect that to be the only form of entertainment when there is so much else out there. There are a lot of parents who do not take children to the theater whether because of cost or knowledge. I believe it is so important for kids to know about the theater and to develop an appreciation for the arts. Yes, we make sure we read the story to the students and connect it with the TEKS but my ultimate goal is that the students walk away excited about the idea of the theater.”
– Jessica Black, Ethridge Elementary
Photos by Lawrence Jenkins and DCT staff