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Who is Miss Nelson? Let’s take a look at the Miss Nelson series.

Did you know the Miss Nelson books are a trilogy?

There are three books in the Miss Nelson Series!

Published in 1977, 1982, and 1985, these fantastic books feature the mild-mannered teacher Miss Nelson, and ruthless Viola Swamp…and show how the two might be more alike than their students know.

Miss Nelson is Missing marks the beginning of the series, with Miss Nelson Has a Field Day serving as the finale. Miss Nelson is Back, introduces Mr. Blandsworth, the dull substitute teacher.

Which is your favorite? Tell us why at family@dct.org!

Only 9 days left to see this zany play! Don’t miss it…

Choose your experience level and plan your watch party today!

Experience Level 1 – $10
Show Only

It’s just over an hour of great music, clever lines, and a heartwarming football story about never giving up!

Experience Level 2 – $25
Show Plus Zoom Event featuring Playwright, Cast and how the Super Bowl got its name

See the show and join us for a fun Zoom event on Thursday, July 30 at 7PM! The Zoom event will feature Playwright Joan Cushing (who also wrote the play, DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER AND A FLY). Kids will have a chance to ask her questions about writing and the many characters she has created. And, did you know that the young lady who helped create the name Super Bowl lives right here in Dallas? Well, join us for the Zoom event and you’ll hear her tell the story of how it all came to be! Cast members will also be a part of the one-hour special event. Fun, fun, fun. Please note: The link will be sent in a separate email on Monday, July 27.

Experience Level 3 – $50
Show, Zoom Event, Personalized Video Wake-Up Call from your choice of four characters, and Entry into a drawing to win a stuffed football, book or other Nelson items.

Includes the show and a fun Zoom event on Thursday, July 30 at 7PM featuring playwright Joan Cushing. Kids can pose questions about her characters. Also learn how the Super Bowl got named by someone from Dallas! Meet cast members, too. Each family will receive a personalized video wake-up call from the Cheerleader, Miss Viola Swamp herself, the Coach or Miss Nelson for each child in your household! And, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win mementos.

Your child can still enroll in DCT classes for this week…or next…

Spots still available for fun classes the week of July 27 and August 3. Sign up today!

Here are just a few examples of the classes we are offering for our older teen students entering grades 7th-12th.

JULY 27 – AUG. 7  2:30pm Cost $175

Master Improv skills with Jeff Swearingen, director, actor, and improv artist.  Learn to think on your feet and how to be funny doing it! See what it takes to bring your imagination to life on the stage in this 60 minute Zoom session.

JULY 27-31  Monday-Friday 1:00pm-2:00pm Cost $200

Emily Gray has shared her vocal talents on commercials, animation, video games, audio books, and more. In this one-week intensive workshop, Emily will lead her students on a discovery of their own unique vocal abilities and talents. Students will leave the class with several samples of voiceovers that they can use for years to come. Explore the world of voice acting and voiceovers!

JULY 27-AUGUST 7 Monday-Friday 10:30am-12:00pm Cost $275

Work with award-winning musical theater professionals: K. Doug Miller, Director of Musical  Theater, and Adam Wright, Musical Director and Composer. Become an acting, singing, and dancing triple threat in this two-week intensive! On the final day, family and friends can watch your original Zoom show! 90 minute Zoom session.

AUGUST 3-7 Monday-Friday 1:00pm Cost $125

Join the Dallas Children’s Theater Production Department for this one of a kind virtual tech and design workshop. Each day a member of the DCT team will lead an interactive Zoom session focusing on an area of the theater: Sets, Lighting, Costumes, Sound, Stage Management and more. Asynchronous materials and resources will be provided throughout the week. Students will have opportunities to submit designs and samples of their own for feedback. All experience levels welcome!


photos by: Karen Almond

Imaginative storytelling for kids of all ages!

Everyone is a storyteller…these tools can get you started…

With simplicity and ease of access, Birmingham Children’s Theatre has brought together storytelling and puppetry. With three different productions to choose from, chances are you’ll find something your little one will enjoy. Maybe they will be inspired to create a play of their very own. Runtime 8-12 minutes.

Want less viewing and more doing? Here’s an app that lets kids safely create their own production. TELESTORY is only available in the Apple App store, but it is definitely worth a look. Kids get to pretend they are television producers, directors and writers who star in their own shows, as well as learn some valuable skills in content creating! They get to plan their shows, write the scripts, rehearse, record and perform in them, and then edit the completed shows. It features model shows and general templates that they can use if they need inspiration.

Another great creativity-focused app is TOONTASTIC 3D. This app allows your children to make their own cartoons! We recommend Toontastic 3D for ages 5-12. It includes various story outlines, scenes and dozens of colorful characters. Kids can either use those characters or create their own with simple drawing tools, press “record” and then move characters around and narrate the story with their own voice recording. They can add a musical score, and put all the pieces together in a single 3D cartoon. The app also has cartoons created by other kids and useful storytelling tips. Download off the Apple App store, or Google Play.

Stay busy! Stay creative!