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Got a teenager looking for a challenging theater?

Sign up for virtual classes in costume design and auditioning techniques!

Office Hours/Coaching Sessions with Ms. Diana

Hone your presentation skills with guidance from the talented Ms. Diana

Master teacher, director, performer, and acting coach, Diana Sheehan is giving private coaching sessions – take advantage of this amazing opportunity to work with one-on-one with a professional artist. Sessions are based on the individual, but can include:

-Auditioning Skills

-Monologues- Classical, Contemporary, Comedic, and more

-Character and Text Analysis

-For students who want to work on Musical Theater Skills- Diana can incorporate her “Act a Song” techniques during the sessions.  These techniques are a wonderful way for students to move to an advanced level in the world of Musical Theater


May 26 – June 12 45 minute sessions

Sign up for times at 1, 2, 3, 4  Monday-Friday Just $55 per session!

Lyle Huchton Costume Design Workshop

Examples of Lyle’s previous work include, ELLA ENCHANTED 2019 and PINKALICIOUS 2016

Work with Lyle Huchton, our amazing costume designer, to grow your skills in design!

Students will have an opportunity to design costumes for some of the characters of a show and then present their designs to their class at the end of the week. Lyle will guide each student on this creative exploration of design in a new and exciting way. Great for experienced designers and those newly interested in the ways of technical costume design.


July 6-10
Three 60-90 minute Zoom Sessions  Monday, Wednesday, Friday of that week at 3PM with activities to be provided between the virtual classes.
Cost is $125

Spots are limited

Photos by: Karen Almond, Linda Blase, and DCT staff

Here are some resources for creating your own living room concert!

Time to make music…


¡Hola! Grammy Nominee family artist Sonia De Los Santos is smiling through quarantine, because she’s making videos for families to enjoy all around the world! Her activities and songs provide hours of entertainment.


About Sonia: Sonia was nominated in 2019 for a Latin Grammy® with her second family music album titled ¡Alegría! and has been hailed by Billboard as “one of the Latin Children’s music artists you should know” and “Best Latin Children’s Music”.

She has been featured on NBC’s Visiones, Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live and WXPN’s Kids Corner among others. She has also made numerous appearances as a singer and guitarist on TV shows like ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS’s The Early Show, and Sprout’s The Sunny Side up Show and has performed with her band in renowned venues and festivals such as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, The Getty Museum, Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and many more.
Source: soniadelossantosmusic[dot]com/meet-sonia

Ever wanted to make your own musical instrument?

If you’re feeling crafty, make your own rainstick with Little Island, New York teaching artist, Kelsey Van Ert, out of common household materials. It’s a ton of fun, and so relaxing to listen to because it sounds just like rain!

Did you know? The rainstick is a traditional instrument thought to have originated in Chile. People hollowed-out cactus branches, inserted cactus spines and then filled them with pebbles, raw rice, or dried beans.

Plan a music night with your family and enjoy these great resources!

Activities to help you spend time with your Nana virtually!

In times of social distancing, it can be difficult to maintain true connection with our beloved grandparents. But with these activities, DCT offers some fruitful and fun engagement that can be collaborated on together from a distance. Check them out, take a look back at our amazing season, and connect! Don’t forget to share your results with us via family@dct.org!


Encourage your child to interview a grandparent or someone else dear to them. The goal of the exercise is to help them see that through a spirit of kindness, we can appreciate the different perspectives and experiences of others, especially our elders.

Click here to get the story Click here to get the worksheet


Encourage your child to fill out, either by drawing a picture or writing, the left half of the attached exercise, and have a grandparent or someone else close to them fill out the right. The goal of the exercise is to trade compliments and give the child (and whoever works with them!) some simple positive reinforcement for sharing and expressing themselves.

Click here to get the story Click here to get the worksheet


Encourage your child to write a letter (or e-mail if more convenient) to a grandparent or someone dear to them. Ask them to retell a story they have recently heard or seen – it can be silly or serious. Make sure they indicate the source of the story. Write back and tell them a favorite story of yours and how you experienced it. The goal of the exercise is to allow the child to not only examine how they like to get their information, but also to help them discover their own preferences and organically establish connections with others.

Click here to get the story Click here to get the worksheet


Encourage your child, as well as a grandparent or someone dear to them to fill out the following “I learned” sheet throughout the day. At the end of the day, have them either e-mail or show their sheets to each other. The goal of this exercise is to strengthen awareness of learning in everyday life, and to enforce that even as a grown-up, you never stop learning important lessons!

Click here to get the story Click here to get the worksheet


Even though the current crisis kept this beautiful production from making it to the stage, the curtain will rise on it hopefully some time next season. So go ahead and get ready by doing this activity. Encourage your child to interview a grandparent or loved one about their experiences over the years and what they have seen. The goal of the exercise is to capture, for a moment, another loving-yet-real, perspective of the world. Encourage the child to come up with their own questions to ask!

Click here to get the story Click here to get the worksheet

Photos credits: by Karen Almond Lawrence Jenkins and via stock photo.

Virtual classes/one-week camps now available for registration!

Have a loved one in Pre-K through 12th grade? We have a cool virtual class for you!





DCT has always been founded on a deep love of art and education. Even in challenging times that cornerstone remains! While in-person socialization is not possible, we are still offering a wonderful variety of virtual classes taught by experienced teaching artists. Opportunities for fundamental whole-brain learning, and a whole lot of fun await those who sign up!

Miss Alyssa, Miss Emily, and Miss Lindsey return to lead K-3rd, with experienced Pre-K teaching artist Miss Amelia handling the youngest group. With a special focus on movement and play, these younger classes will get to enjoy a variety of warm-ups and theater games split into two Zoom sessions and two additional videos that students can watch and enjoy as many times as they’d like on their own.

DCT’s own Gena Loe (a favorite in many DCT shows, DISNEY’S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, ELLA ENCHANTED: THE MUSICAL, Magic Tree House’s A GHOST TALE FOR MR. DICKENS and more) will be teaching dance for grades 4-6.

Work with DCT’s Miss Pam to master the essential elements of music theory. This class will help build your confidence as a singer and performer. Be ready to ace your next audition and musical theater role. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

Explore something new while at home! Meet up with your favorite DCT teachers and friends in fun interactive Zoom classes! Receive videos for fun anytime learning and creative exploration! Info on how to join the class via Zoom and other information will be sent after registration.


The amazing and talented Jeff Swearingen is back to offer a virtual workshop opportunity like no other! Jeff will lead students through an exploration of how Improvisation techniques can be used for writing. Students will use some of the same prompts and activities that professional actors, writers, improv artists and comedians use to create material. He will help each student find their own voice as they unleash their creativity in new and exciting ways. Under Jeff’s direction students will also have opportunities to perform the work created by the class.

Work with DCT’s Miss Pam to master the essential elements of music theory. This class will help build your confidence as a singer and performer. Be ready to ace your next audition and musical theater role. A once in a lifetime opportunity.


Photo credits: Karen Almond and DCT staff