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Nana Moments: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Change can be as gradual as dust building up on a bookshelf; but other times, it’s as fast and unpredictable as a magical curse. At its core, Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is a story about transformations, gradual and sudden; and the love that comes when finding similarities when they’re least expected.

Children of this generation, more than ever before, are constantly presented with different perspectives, cultures, and concepts every day. It is important that children learn to be kind when encountering something that is different than what they are used to. Teaching them to celebrate and learn from differences is a smart path to developing an open-minded and well-rounded young person.

Now, here’s an exercise you can download and pass on to your child. Encourage them to interview a grandparent or someone else dear to them. The goal of the exercise is to help them see that through a spirit of kindness, we can appreciate the different perspectives and experiences of others, especially our elders.

Can you dig it?

There’s a whole world of bugs to be discovered at Dallas Children’s Theater and in your own backyard…

So much information is out there about how to incorporate sustainable practices into our homes that I sometimes get overwhelmed by it all, especially when it comes to getting my kids involved. But, this summer I was reminded that a great and (for my kids) fun, green activity is just outside our back door.

In Dallas Children’s Theater’s DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER & A FLY, Worm is trying to figure out his place in the world (I won’t give it away, but Worm is definitely an environmental hero). As the bugs ran rampant on stage, I thought about the bugs living in the garden in my own yard. We’ve grown fruits, veggies, and herbs off and on for years (sometimes in big beds, sometimes a few pots at a time), but this summer my kids are more intrigued than ever. They love watering our tomatoes and picking rosemary off the bush for dinner. And, they especially love checking out the worms wiggling around our garden beds.

Maybe this is the summer you’ll start a family vegetable garden in your backyard. Or, work on composting or transferring in earthworms to take your existing garden up a notch (just search online for info or research at the library, another sustainable choice). And, include your kids in the fun. Kids love getting dirty – why not let it be to the benefit of your family, the earth, and the bugs we share it with?

To give your children a real appreciation for the contribution earthworms and other insects make to our environment, I highly recommend DCT’s DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER & A FLY. The clever music, the endearing characters and DCT’s awesome actors all come together to create a play that is fun and filled with science education.

Catch DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER & A FLY at Dallas Children’s Theater before it bugs off July 7.

Only TWO shows left…
Sat., July 6, 1:30PM

Sun., July 7, 1:30PM



Written by Guest Mom Blogger, Jessica Colaw.



Book, Music & Lyrics by Joan Cushing
Based on the three books by Doreen Cronin and
illustrated by Harry Bliss

© 2011 Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss. By special arrangement with Pippin Properties, Inc. and Gurman Agency LLC.

Now – July 7
Ages 3 and up

The coolest ever rock-n-roll romp through a bug’s world commands center stage in this hip-hoppin’ musical that promotes eco-consciousness, earth science, and tolerance of others. The popular characters from the bestselling books are not so unusual: Worm eats his homework and has no legs. Fly has 327 siblings and wants to be a superhero. And Spider can’t wait to grow up and molt. When Fly’s Aunt Rita needs help getting out of a tight spot, the squad must combine their talents and work as a team on the rescue mission of a lifetime. While there’s no pop quiz, you might just learn that a bug’s life isn’t that different from your own.

DCT’s National Touring Sponsor is Neiman Marcus.


Photo Credits: storyblocks[dot]com, unsplash[dot]com, and Karen Almond.