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SNOWY DAY…A Sweet Reminder

Ezra Jack Keats’s stories bring to life the wonder of childhood…

There are a few moments in my childhood that I remember with more clarity than any others. When I could finally swing on my own without a starting push. Giggling while chasing my dad with a hose in our little backyard. Crouching over an ant hill, coaxing ants onto a stick to feed my (also recently caught) horny toad. These moments were simple, but I can remember them so vividly: the way my muscles felt while swinging, the warmth of the sun in that backyard, and the awe while watching the ants march in a line.

Now, I get to watch my own children experience those similar moments. In a world where distraction and complication rule, I love to see them make leaf angels in the yard (like they did a few days ago) or light up when they see a colorful sunset. Childhood may be fleeting, but it can also be so effortlessly magical.

Ezra Jack Keats beautifully captures these special moments in his stories. Whether it’s when Peter makes tracks in the snow with a stick or finally whistles to his dog, Willie; you can feel the wonder and excitement as Keats tells Peter’s story. Come to Dallas Children’s Theater and delight in the magic of childhood yourself through the eyes of Peter and all his friends at THE SNOWY DAY AND OTHER STORIES BY EZRA JACK KEATS playing through January 20. For tickets, go to dct.org.



Written by Guest Mom Blogger, Jessica Colaw.



Adapted for the stage by Jerome Hairston
Based on the books by Ezra Jack Keats
Music by Victor Zupanc

Now – Jan. 20, 2019
Ages 3 and up

Oh, the magic of childhood! Follow Peter and his friends as they enjoy the excitement of a fresh snowfall, the delight of whistling for the first time, the awe in finding a special treasure, and the feelings of a first crush. Packed with humor and fun, this production combines wonderfully innovative shadow puppetry and live action to showcase Keats’ beautiful appreciation for diversity. In fact, his characters ultimately became an inspiration for Sesame Street! An adaptation of Whistle for Willie, Goggles!, A Letter to Amy, and the groundbreaking Caldecott Winner The Snowy Day, this uplifting story collection encourages us to play and live life to the fullest each day.