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A Word About Adoption of Children and JUNGALBOOK…

It’s fascinating to witness how animals often bond better than we humans do.  Watching many of the nature shows, it’s evident that animals instinctively know how to bond: The German Shepherd and the duck; the rabbit and the kitten; the newborn and the pit bull.  I’m thinking about this now as my family and I make plans to go see DCT’s JUNGALBOOK.  It’s a story about how a young boy, Mowgli, finds himself a welcomed member of the animal family after some challenging circumstances.  He is essentially adopted by a bear and a panther, and because of how they care for him, he just assumes he is one of them.  Of course, the story is a classic tale of survival and finding place beautifully written by genius Rudyard Kipling, but it also makes me think about how important our adoptive families are.  For so many children, they set the tone for those young people’s lives.

Currently more than 6,800 children are available for adoption in Texas, many who have been abandoned or removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. There are several adoption options available in Texas. And 87% of adoptive parents say they would make the same choice to adopt knowing what they know about their adoptive children and their overall experience.

We all know there is no longer a “normal” family structure. The idea of the four-character “nuclear family” with a mom, dad, brother and sister is not all there is. And that is great for adults that desire to be parents.  There are many services available to match them with a child. Much of my information came from adoptionchoicesoftexas.org, but there are plenty of other resources out there.  The main point here is that there are children all over the world that need people/parents with the resources to take care of them.  To those who have taken in the many innocent Mowglis in need of love and guidance, we salute you for your dedication and commitment to preserving a life.  You demonstrate the strength and heart of the bear and panther that save Mowgli in JUNGALBOOK.

The play, JUNGALBOOK, is a magical way to celebrate those who make sacrifices to care for the young, innocent and marginalized.  I invite you to check it out while it is running at Dallas Children’s Theater.  You just might find that you have a lot more in common with the animal kingdom than you ever imagined.  JUNGALBOOK runs through May 26.




An adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book stories
By Edward Mast

NOW through May 26, 2018
Ages 5 and up

See Kipling’s original 1894 coming of age tale brought to the stage, and join Mowgli in learning the moral lessons of home, betrayal, life and death, and loyalty. Mowgli lives in the jungle surrounded by panthers, bears, wolves, snakes, and tigers. They are his protectors, and he believes he is one of them. When Mowgli comes face to face with a fearsome tiger, he is forced to choose between his bond with the jungle and the reality of his humanness. This classic story of the struggle for survival and a place that feels like home will have audiences on the edge of their seats.

If you need accessible seating (wheelchair seating, visual impaired, etc.), please enter the information in the notes section of your order and/or call 214-740-0051. Please call if performance time is within the next three days. Thank you.

Buy tickets now to see JUNGALBOOK.



Sherry Ward is a mother, actor, and writer based in D-FW.




Note: This play is about the survival of animals in the jungle and therefore contains scenes that some may find disturbing. Please use your own judgment as it relates to the appropriateness for your young people.

Photo credits:
First photo via Pinterest, second photo via cats[dot]ava[dot]com, third photo lifewithdogs[dot]tv.
JUNGALBOOK photos by Karen Almond, final photo courtesy of Sherry Ward.