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Holiday Traditions at DCT

KA3_8199This year has been a memorable one.  There have been so many events and occurrences and outbreaks that have altered the world and most of them are too scary to share with our children.  We want them to believe in goodness but it’s not always easy. As we prepare for MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, the two young actors playing Susan show us that kids understand the need for holiday cheer.

The story of MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET is not a new one.  Many remember the black and white film introducing the kind Kris Kringle to a young family that needed some hope. Here we are decades after that iconic film, still needing a gentle soul to help us maneuver through tricky times.


Blaire Marie Messmann and Francis Fuselier

DCT Executive Artistic Director Robyn Flatt will direct MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET alongside award-winning associate director Doug Miller.  Flatt explains, “The play speaks to loss, loneliness and the need for connection with others. Our Santa continually sees beyond the obvious, feeling the pain of young Susan who doesn’t have a father.  He recognizes her needs even more than her mother does, and he is determined that both mother and daughter will feel whole again.  We can all relate to their fear and uncertainty as we face the countless unfamiliar challenges of today. This is a time when we especially need to see compassion in action.”


Francis Fuselier and Lily Kate Forbes

Two young actors, Blaire Marie Messmann and Lily Kate Forbes are alternating the role of Susan, which requires an exceptional amount of depth in order to accurately portray. When we asked them about the message of the show, they both talked about decorating, music, cooking, having dinner, and all the things they do with their families. They also recalled the message of kindness they are telling through MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET.

Blaire Marie Messmann says, “DCT shows are a great way to kick off the holiday season.Any activity that gets children thinking about other people helps spread the Christmas spirit in our community.”

KA2_2241Lily Kate Forbes shares, “Working on Miracle on 34th Street has reminded me that Christmas is not only about toys and all of the commercial aspects of the season but it’s about sharing love and joy and happiness with everyone around you! Sharing live theater at DCT is a great holiday tradition for families because live theater is a really magical experience. When I was little one of my favorite things to do with my Mom was see shows because shows at the DCT are like storybooks come to life. It is really cool for little kids with growing minds to experience the magic of the holiday season through live theater.”This year KA3_7496willbe the first of many holiday trips to DCT for me and my kids. I can’t think of any better way to show them that Christmas is more than toys, and that there is need all around us, and that it’s the sharing of experiences they’ll remember when someone asks them about the Christmas spirit.

Robyn Flatt concludes, “We want our neighbors to know that Santa Claus himself is right here on DCT’s stage, very real, absolutely wonderful, and bringing to each and everyone a spirit we can all believe in.”