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Poem Contest Winner Announced!


seussianpoetry (1)

She gave it a whirl

With paper and pen,
She wrote an Ode to the Cat
And to DCT, turned it in!

Drumroll please….


Eva Lyn

EVA won the prize!

And right off the bat,
She gets to pose with
Dr. Seuss’s The Cat!

In addition to the thrill of seeing the play, DCT continues to do its part to extend the theater experience by providing creative engagement opportunities around the show itself.  In early October, during the run of DCT’s Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat, we put out a call for Dr. Seuss style poems to be submitted for the chance to win a prize.  A panel of Sussians read the lot, and picked Miss Eva from the entries we got!  She will receive up to 5 free tickets to a show in DCT’s 30th Anniversary Season, and a framed photo with DCT’s Cat.

So now, enjoy this darling submission by 2nd grader Eva, whose poem was inspired by loosing a front tooth!

My Tooth
Now this is the truth
My tooth’s become loose
When did this happen?
I tell you it’s loose
You may not wiggle it
You may not tickle it
Please do not wobble it
And don’t think you can bobble it
I don’t want to shake it
I don’t want to bake it
This tooth is mine
I’ve had it some time
Mom cannot look at it
Dad cannot push at it
Aubrey! Don’t grab at it
And I WILL not pull it!
I love my little tooth
I’ve had it some time
It’s there when I need it
And I think it’s just fine
Mom said “If you pull it, you might get a prize”
Dad said “Let me pull it, it’s just the right size”
No, No, No, NO!!!
I want no one to touch it.
Now, what’s all the fuss about?
My tooth just fell out!