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Making An Impact – Children Experiencing Live Theater

Bonham Elementary students show DCT Education Director Nancy Schaeffer how they can roar like the wolf in “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs”

Bonham Elementary students show DCT Education Director Nancy Schaeffer how they can roar like the wolf in “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs”

Dallas Children’s Theater believes that every child should have the chance to experience the magic of live theater. Donors who give above and beyond the ticket price or class fee are necessary for us to continue this important work. Here’s just one example of the impact your donations have on DCT’s audiences in need.

Did you know that DCT professionals work with school teachers to enhance core curriculum for their students by using the multisensory power of theater?

Anna, the principal of DISD’s Rosemont Elementary, told us about her school’s 20-year partnership with DCT through the “Curtains up on Reading” program. “Karl [a DCT Academy teacher] comes in and meets with the grade level teams and they talk about what the kids are struggling with,” she said. “Then he makes [the concepts] come alive with theater—singing, dancing, and acting. You don’t forget the ABC’s because you sing them. When the kids learn a concept through acting and singing, it solidifies the concept or skill that they need to learn.”

Rosemont Elementary students perform a song about converting fractions into decimals in their CUOR show “Rosemont Renaissance: Parodies from Portable Ten.”

“Curtains Up On Reading” is an in-school and summer program integrating theater techniques in the learning of literature, language arts, social studies, history, science, math, and other subjects. DCT artists-in-residence collaborate with educators in DISD elementary schools to incorporate the arts into areas where it can help children more readily grasp the concepts. More than 3,500 students are currently served by CUOR annually.

Theater can be an especially effective teaching tool for children who struggle in school. A student doesn’t need to speak English or read well to get something out of theater education. “You have to get out and learn and move and feel and experience,” said Kimberly, a former DCT Academy student who has a learning difference. “And I think the theater is definitely the place to do that.” Curtains Up On Reading’s interdisciplinary units are designed and taught using a hands-on approach to enhance students’ understanding, enthusiasm for learning, and self-confidence.

CUOR yields results. In a review of 2012 state test scores from the Texas Education Agency, the National Math and Science Initiative found that schools that fully participated in DCT’s drama residencies outperformed like schools in as much as 90% of the math, science and English exams analyzed. DCT is spreading the power of interdisciplinary arts education by making the CUOR curriculum book available to schools around the country. Your donations to DCT make it possible for us to continue to provide exciting, effective programming to students and teachers!

Josh Groban puts Dallas Children’s Theater Centerstage!


Several of DCT’s Academy students got to attend Josh Groban’s In the Round Tour at the American Airlines Center.  Everyone loved watching this phenomenal artist shine.   And, like DCT, he understands the power the arts have on shaping the lives of our youth.  DCT was selected to receive a generous gift from his Find Your Light Foundation.  And he even mentioned DCT on stage during the concert to an audience of thousands!  We got a chance to ask Josh a few questions before the concert about the impact DCT and the arts can have on your family.  Here’s what he said…

What would you say to encourage families to take children to a live show such as what Dallas Children’s Theater offers?  Why would you tell them that such experiences are important?

I would say that the single best thing my parents did for my brother and I growing up (other than love, food, and shelter!) is to expose us to the arts. It opened an entire world of possibilities for me. I would say that the exposure and not necessarily a pushiness is what’s important. Let kids know that this world exists. Many times that can be enough to change an entire outlook growing up and going forward. I know it did for me.

How do you think the arts benefits children who may not be pursuing a career in that field?

The arts provide, in my opinion, a foundation for so many core important qualities. The ability to explore, to wonder, to connect and express without judgment. To see the world as diverse but not divided and see cultural blockades broken down through the universal languages of artistic expression. It is the great uniter. I think on a basic level, it teaches young people core values that lend themselves to countless endeavors, artistic or not.

Can you talk about any theater experiences you recall in your upbringing and what impact they had on you?

I remember my first musical in 7th grade. It was Anything Goes. I was the newbie so I got a nameless chorus role. But I took that role and I loved it. I supported the cast, watched from the side of the stage and enjoyed every moment when I was on it. I was given the “most promising newcomer” award with that chorus role and it’s my favorite trophy ever!

Thank you, Josh, and Find Your Light, for your generosity and for helping DCT’s After School Drama program continue to reach 4th and 5th graders at DISD’s Moseley Elementary!

Moseley students goofing around while working on acting skills and theatrical presentation in preparation for scene work and Shakespeare.

And what a special moment it was for our Academy students who got to meet such a talented and kindhearted role model before his incredible show.  It was definitely an evening none of us will ever forget!

Meeting Josh before the show!

Meeting Josh before the show!

Poem Contest Winner Announced!


seussianpoetry (1)

She gave it a whirl

With paper and pen,
She wrote an Ode to the Cat
And to DCT, turned it in!

Drumroll please….


Eva Lyn

EVA won the prize!

And right off the bat,
She gets to pose with
Dr. Seuss’s The Cat!

In addition to the thrill of seeing the play, DCT continues to do its part to extend the theater experience by providing creative engagement opportunities around the show itself.  In early October, during the run of DCT’s Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat, we put out a call for Dr. Seuss style poems to be submitted for the chance to win a prize.  A panel of Sussians read the lot, and picked Miss Eva from the entries we got!  She will receive up to 5 free tickets to a show in DCT’s 30th Anniversary Season, and a framed photo with DCT’s Cat.

So now, enjoy this darling submission by 2nd grader Eva, whose poem was inspired by loosing a front tooth!

My Tooth
Now this is the truth
My tooth’s become loose
When did this happen?
I tell you it’s loose
You may not wiggle it
You may not tickle it
Please do not wobble it
And don’t think you can bobble it
I don’t want to shake it
I don’t want to bake it
This tooth is mine
I’ve had it some time
Mom cannot look at it
Dad cannot push at it
Aubrey! Don’t grab at it
And I WILL not pull it!
I love my little tooth
I’ve had it some time
It’s there when I need it
And I think it’s just fine
Mom said “If you pull it, you might get a prize”
Dad said “Let me pull it, it’s just the right size”
No, No, No, NO!!!
I want no one to touch it.
Now, what’s all the fuss about?
My tooth just fell out!